Epic Games Responds to NICKMERCS Regarding What Was Said to Players After the Fortnite Anti-Gravity Match at PAX West

by DG Goldstein


Epic Games has clarified what they said to players following the anti-gravity madness during the Fortnite Summer Skirmish event at PAX West.


As the storm closed in around Fatal Fields during a key match at Summer Skirmish, multiple players were sent flying into the air due to the anti-gravity effect left behind by the infamous 'Cube' on the Fortnite map.

NICKMERCS, a popular streamer and content creator who was present during the match, gave his side of the story while speaking to Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins on stream, stating that an Epic Games community manager said that 'this is going to happen in Fortnite.' 


The full clip can be viewed below.

However, after the Twitch clip made its way to Reddit, Epic Games quickly responded to the claims made by NICKMERCS with their own statement, especially concerning the 'get it through your heads' comment.


It was also mentioned that live events 'like the Cube' will continue to happen, so players should be 'prepared' and 'get used to seeing [them] during competition.'