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Epic Games respond to broken footstep audio in Fortnite

Published: 5/Mar/2020 17:44

by Jacob Hale


Epic Games have been made aware of continuous issues with footstep audio in Fortnite, particularly affecting PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, and have now addressed the issue.

Players have been complaining quite frequently about broken footstep audio since Fortnite Chapter 2 released, and even more so since Season 2 went live in February.

The issue is a simple one, in that players sometimes just can’t hear approaching enemies, and most console players will have experienced an opponent seemingly turning up out of nowhere, with little to no warning.

Epic Games
Fortnite Season 2 brought in a number of changes and new content, including the Deadpool skin.

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Obviously, though not exactly a game-breaking issue, this can absolutely ruin players’ enjoyment of the game, especially if they’re playing well and not given the opportunity to properly defend themselves when a fight occurs.


On Thursday, March 5, the issue was addressed through the FortniteStatus Twitter account, saying that they’re “investigating reports of missing footstep audio on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.”

They added that they’ll provide an update when they have more information, which likely means that a fix to the bug should be coming sooner rather than later – and you can also keep tabs on what they’re working on through Epic’s community Trello board.

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The responses to the tweet were exactly what you would imagine: many people questioning why it has taken so long, and a few people joking that “there’s footstep audio in the game?!”


The issue is definitely a significant one, and is no doubt affecting the playability of the game, so Epic will want to get to work on this soon so as not to upset fans too much.

A number of the biggest streamers and content creators have already spoken out about their desire – or decision – to stop playing Fortnite so much, and Epic Games will want to make sure they don’t lose too much of their vast fanbase due to menial issues such as this.