Epic Games Employee Provides an Update on the Playground Mode Downtime, Explains Why It’s Taking So Long

Epic Games has posted another update about the eventual return of Playground Mode but it still isn’t good news for Fortnite Battle Royale fans.

As one of the most highly anticipated additions to Fortnite in recent memory, the Playground Limited Time Mode should have been a massive success.

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Unfortunately it was disabled just hours after it launched on June 27th as part of the V4.5 patch that also introduced the Dual Pistols.

The game’s developers later stated that they needed to “continue testing our matchmaking improvements” but sounded confident that an issue would be found in the near future.

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Unfortunately, almost a week since the initial problems, Playground Mode is still not available for the Fortnite community to enjoy and Epic Games’ MrPopoTFS has now taken to Reddit to reveal that the wait will continue.

Although tests over the weekend were “promising”, the post explains that the developers still need to investigate further and states that it is “hard to know whether we’ll have to make any additional system changes in order to meet our test goals right now”

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MrPopoTFS has also linked earlier posts where another employee (Jshredz) went into more detail about why it’s taking so long to get Playground Mode back online and what the issues currently are.

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The first one, posted on June 28th, explains that the Playground LTM launch was extremely popular and put too much of a strain on the matchmaking system. 

The next post expands on that explanation and reiterates how difficult it is to make matchmaking function “up to 100 times faster than it needs to for the base modes”.