Epic Games Have Addressed The 'Invisible Items' Issue in Fortnite

by Albert Petrosyan


A major reason as to why Fortnite: Battle Royale has become such a popular phenomenon is largely due to the dedication of its developer Epic Games.

Since the game's release, Epic have consistently improved, added, and adjusted things in the game to keep the experience fresh and fun.


However, despite this high level of popularity, the game’s vast player-base has been recently disgruntled due to the high level of bugs and glitches that currently exist in the game. 

While Epic have shown considerable effort in addressing these issues, it seems that as soon as one set of glitches get fixed, another batch pops up in their place.


One of the major issues that is currently plaguing the game is the 'invisible items' glitch. This bug is causing items to randomly become invisible after they are dropped.

Here is an example of this glitch in-game, thanks to a post on the Fortnite BR Reddit page by user 'sixtenosterlund'. 

Source: Reddit u/sixtenosterlund


Epic Games have noticed and addressed this issue on May 21st, both on Reddit and on the Fortnite Community Trello page.


Although the issue is labeled as 'Fixed in Next Release,' players should not expect the fix to come in the v4.2 content update scheduled for May 22nd since this update contains content only and will not have downtime.

The glitch will most likely be fixed when Epic Games decides to roll out the v4.3 update.