Epic Games appeals after Apple wins Fortnite lawsuit

fortnite not returningEpic Games

After losing their Fortnite lawsuit against Apple and needing to pay $3.5m in damages, Epic Games has decided to appeal the decision in a bid to win more rights for developers.

The lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple started more than a year ago after the tech giants removed Fortnite from the iOS App Store due to an extra payment option that allowed the developers to avoid paying the 30% revenue cut that Apple takes.

The case came to an end on September 10, after a judge decided Epic Games breached their contract with Apple and ordered them to pay back 30% of all the revenue earned, which was around $3.5 million.

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However, the judge also issued a permanent injunction that imposes new restrictions on Apple’s App Store rules.

From December 9 onwards, all apps must allow developers to include alternative payment options.

Fortnite gameplayEpic Games
Epic and Apple have been battling in court since August 2020.

Still, that wasn’t enough to appease Epic Games.

Their CEO Tim Sweeney claimed the ruling “isn’t a win for developers or for consumers” and vowed to “keep fighting,” and now he’s backed up those words by appealing the decision.

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The official document says: “Notice is hereby given that Epic Games, Inc appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit from the final judgment entered on September 10, 2021, and all orders leading to or producing that judgment.”

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It didn’t specify what the grounds of the appeal might be.

However, it’s believed their main line of argument could be antitrust claims since the judge pointed out they didn’t focus on it much as they potentially could have in the case.

epic games fortnite appleEpic Games
Epic Games believe they’re fighting for a good cause.

So, while the case has more or less been resolved, the tension between the two companies and the fight to prove who is right and wrong is still raging on.

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Epic Games is adamant that they’re championing the fight for fair competition on digital platforms for all developers.

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