Epic Games Announces Fix for ‘Ghost Peeking’ in Fortnite

. 4 years ago

A major issue has been resolved in Fortnite: Battle Royale after massive amounts of community feedback.

If you have graced the Fortnite battlefield in recent months, there is a high chance that you have died to an opponent that you were unable to see behind a ramp, wall, or other forms of cover.

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This was known as ‘Ghost Peeking’ around the Fortnite community, which was an exploit where a player could fire over cover while crouching up-hill, and quickly became an issue among competitors.

In the latest V.5.1 update released on July 24, Epic Games implemented an update to fix this problem for future matches and provided an in-depth look at how the new POV will look in a Reddit post which can be viewed below.

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Design Chat: “Ghost Peeking”

“Hey guys, let’s talk about “Ghost Peeking”.

When crouching up-hill, you can sometimes fire over cover without actually being seen by your target.

Here, I’ve enabled some developer debug to show what’s happening:”


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The yellow line is a trace from the center of your camera. The green line is supposed to be the bullet trace.

So why is that happening?

Our animation system does some adjustments to the character to make sure that the feet are always positioned nicely on slopes, like this:


Unfortunately, in some cases this can sometimes lower the character mesh down far further than we intended. Oops!

In 5.10, we’ve included a fix for this issue so that any time you can shoot someone, they will be able to see you, and shoot you. This is what it looks like now:


More information can be found in the official Reddit post on the Fortnite: Battle Royale subreddit.

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