Epic Games Announce Date and Time of Fortnite Battle Royale Patch v4.4 and Server Downtime

by Calum Patterson


Fortnite developer Epic Games has announced the date and time of the next major patch, version 4.4 for Battle Royale.

Each week Epic Games release a new update to deal with bugs and glitches, prepare for new items and weapons to be added and more.


Typically released midweek, the v4.4 update will be released on Monday June 11th, a day or two earlier than fans are used to.

This is perhaps to prepare the game for the upcoming E3 festivities, including the pro-am tournament taking place at the Los Angeles conference.


News of a new weapon also dropped in game today, with a new daily message announcing a Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle is set to be added "soon".

It is likely that the weapon will be added in the v4.4 update (although this is not confirmed), in time for the E3 tournament and presentation starting Tuesday.

The patch will roll out to all devices at 4am EST on June 11th (9am BST, 1am PT), and as usual there is expected to be around an hour of downtime while the patch is implemented.


As expected, no details about exactly what will be included in patch v4.4 have been released yet, but the full patch notes typically go live immediately upon roll out.

It is known that the Jetpack limited time item will be vaulted with the new update, and there is a possibility of a new controller layout on console being added.