Epic Finally Confirms Fortnite’s Heavy Sniper is Coming Soon, Hints at Release Date

by Vincent Genova


The long-awaited Heavy Sniper will be in Fortnite very soon as it was finally officially confirmed by Epic.

Players logging on to Fortnite will be greeted with a ‘New Updates’ splash screen that features the Heavy Sniper.


The Heavy Sniper is said to be ‘coming soon’ and will be available in Epic and Legendary rarities.

Epic claims it will do high damage to structures, though they do not mention if it will damage players behind walls as fans originally speculated.


Footage of the gun in use already exists and was leaked earlier on August 12.

According to the footage, the new sniper will be able to take out a metal wall in one shot.

The high damage output of the bolt-action weapon might be balanced by the reload time, which takes over four seconds between shots.


Weapons that appear in the ‘New Updates’ splash screen tend to appear in game very quickly.

The Drum Gun was put in the ‘New Updates’ section of Fortnite on July 1 and was available in game on July 3.

If Epic holds to their same release schedule, the Heavy Sniper should be available to play within the next few days.