Dude Perfect and Ninja Join Forces on Fortnite for a High-Intensity Victory Royale

Dude Perfect and Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins teamed up with one another to secure a high-intensity ‘Victory Royale’ while playing Fortnite on their ‘Overtime’ series.

Now recognized as a worldwide phenomenon, Fortnite: Battle Royale has cemented itself as a titan within the gaming industry for its massive popularity over the course of recent months.

The title has effectively made its way into the mainstream, with celebrities, professional athletes, and other high-profile individuals professing their love for the game, accompanied by major partnerships with popular brands.

Content creators have flourished alongside the success of Fortnite, including Ninja, a former professional Halo player who retired from competition to pursue a full-time career in streaming and YouTube, and is believed to be the ‘Face of Twitch’ at the time of writing.

After playing with the likes of Drake, Travis Scott, Joe Jonas, and a variety of other popular names, Ninja recently teamed up with Dude Perfect on their ‘Overtime’ series to lead the group to a high-intensity ‘Victory Royale.’

Dude Perfect has made waves throughout YouTube since their inception on the platform for different ‘trick shots’ and comedy sketches, with over 29 million subscribers and 5 billion total views at the time of writing.

The full video between Ninja and Dude Perfect can be viewed below, with the Fortnite portion beginning at the 4:18 mark.

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