Dr DisRespect Shows Off Rap Skills During KEEMSTAR’S Friday Fortnite tournament

Dr DisRespect continues to prove to his stream that he is a man of many talents as he displayed his lyrical genius to viewers.

Alongside TSM streamer Kraftyy, the two participated in KEEMSTAR’S Friday Fortnite tournament.

After being knocked into the Losers’ Bracket by GhostNinja and Big Foltz, they had to face off with KYR SP33DY and SideArms.

The two were not only able to redeem themselves by securing the most kills but beating out all other players in their game for a victory.

The win launched the popular streamer into song as he started it off by combing his famous moustache.

He rapped about his victory as his Fortnite character danced to music on his screen until he was cut off by the loading screen.

Even the rap momentum could not prevent the two from being eliminated in their next match against Nick Eh 30 and ONE_shot_Gurl.

Viewers can enjoy watching their favorite streamers go head to head in the Friday tournament every week on Twitch.

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