Dr Disrespect reveals one thing he’d change about Fortnite after returning

dr-disrespect-fortnite-change-one-thingYouTube: Dr Disrespect / Epic Games

Although he’s had a blast on Fortnite since returning, Dr Disrespect revealed one thing he’d change about the game — how long it takes to load into a game and re-queue into the next one.

Dr Disrespect is one of many streamers whose eyes lit up after Epic Games made Fortnite’s Zero Build mode permanent. The two-time doesn’t think it’s perfect, but he’s thoroughly enjoyed his time on it so far.

However, after playing the game again for an entire stream, he realized that there’s one thing about it that still bugs him, the fact it can take a long time to find a game or queue another one, and he’d love to change it.

Dr Disrespect is one of many streamers who jumped back into Fortnite.

In the lead-up to his revelation, Doc’s patience was tested as he battled performance issues. “Oh dude, it’s just so glitchy,” he said. “I can’t have an honest fight because of the number of frame issues I’m dealing with in the game.” 

“It’s insane, champs. It’s hard to describe. Like, right when I’m getting into a fight, it’s like every couple of other frames, it stops and then picks up again in the middle of the fight and I need to readjust my aim. Oh man, I hate it.”

Still, he admitted the experience was better than fighting with building enabled. Then, in his darkest moment after losing another gunfight due to these issues, he saw the light while he was raring to jump back in.

“Oh god. Then you’ve got to go through this crap,” said the two-time, referring to how long it takes to find another game in either spectator mode or by returning to the lobby. “I just want to get into the next game!”

That’s exactly what he’d change if he had a role in its development. “One thing I would change right now with this game is increasing the speed at which I get into servers and the speed at which I’m into the next game.”

The relevant part of the video begins at 4:26:53.

Despite that, though, and despite having frustrating encounters with controller players who have aim-assist on, Doc ultimately enjoyed the stint. However, he prefers playing with his full crew rather than solos.

Epic Games is also ramping up efforts to keep the game fresh by releasing more new content in an update on April 5. They also revealed major changes are coming to Arenas that revolve around Zero Build mode.