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Dr Disrespect says he’ll never play Fortnite again after Tilted Towers update

Published: 19/Jan/2022 1:04 Updated: 19/Jan/2022 1:05

by Bill Cooney


Dr Disrespect hopped back into Fortnite for the return of Tilted Towers, but by the end of the stream he was ready to swear off the battle royale for good.

A brand new Fortnite update went live on January 18, bringing back the infamous Tilted Towers POI to the game, along with a host of other changes.

At first, the Two-Time seemed pumped to head back into the battle royale with TimTheTatman, CouRage, and ZLaner, but by the end of his stream he said he never wanted to play the game again.

“I’m not f**king playing this game ever again”

Clip starts at 5:37:08 for mobile viewers.

According to Doc, all of the hype surrounding the return of Tilted actually had him in the mood to play Fortnite — a game that he’s known to despise. After about five hours though, it was clear he’d had enough.


“Listen, people talking about Tilted, I saw 14 different tweets from CouRage, it got me a little excited,” Doc explained. “I thought we’d just jump in.”

After Tim asked what his thoughts were on the latest Fortnite update, Doc said he never wanted to step foot on the island ever again.

“I’m not f**king playing this game ever again after today,” the Two-Time shot back.

dr disrespect shrugging his shoulders in warzone
Dr Disrespect/Activision
Not only did Doc say he was done with Fortnite, he also swore off Warzone as well.

“Just so I’m clear, you’d rather play Warzone?” Tim asked.

“No, I’m playing Tarkov, I’ll take my 95% viewership drop,” Doc replied. While he did struggle through one more game, and was even able to nab one last Victory Royale, he was done.


It’s not the first time Doc has claimed he’s fnished with Fortnite, so only time will tell whether or not he ends up coming back. However, the return of Tilted Towers definitely wasn’t enough to change his mind this time.