Dr Disrespect reveals genius idea to make Fortnite Zero Build mode even better

Alex Tsiaoussidis
dr-disrespect-fortnite-zero-buildYouTube: Dr Disrespect / Epic Games

After pondering ways to make Fortnite’s Zero Build mode better, Dr Disrespect revealed a genius idea coined “regenerating ammo reload technology” that he thinks could take it to the next level.

Dr Disrespect has had a blast on Fortnite Zero Build since he returned to the game, bringing violence, speed, and momentum to lobbies once again.

However, he believes it isn’t perfect and suggested some changes in recent sessions.

The two-time reiterated that desire once more after losing a gunfight during his latest stream, but this time, he pitched a genius idea similar to something seen in other games that he believes could make it better.

A poster of friends playing Fortnite with cross platformEpic Games
Fortnite’s Zero Build mode changes the dynamic of the game.

“I get the shot on him first. Everything’s fine. We were locked in there, and all of a sudden, we didn’t have any ammo for the shotgun,” said Doc after losing a battle. “I didn’t really understand. I had no idea. I’m not paying attention.”

He elaborated on that point, saying: “I’m just expecting my weapons to be reloaded. I think after a certain amount of time, your weapon should just be reloaded. I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to even think about it.”

This prompted the two-time to have a brain spark. Rather than basking in his anger and frustration, he channeled it into a genius idea called “regenerating ammo reload technology” and explained how it works.

“I spray an entire gun and then switch over to a secondary,” he said enthusiastically. “But while I switch it over, the first weapon is charging the bullets, and it’s already getting loaded up. Unload to reload technology.”

The idea is similar to a perk some weapons have in Destiny 2 where they automatically reload when stowed. Apex Legends does something similar with gold rarity magazines. However, the two-time wants to see it in Fortnite.

Epic Games has innovated on features that exist in other games and added them to Fortnite in the past. Look no further than respawn trucks, zip lines, and even the ping system. So perhaps this will be next, but we’ll have to wait and see.