Dr Disrespect challenges Ninja to Fortnite showdown amid no-build mode hype

dr-disrespect-ninja-fortniteEpic Games / YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Ninja

On the back of Epic Games removing building in Fortnite, Dr Disrespect challenged the game’s most iconic player, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, to a showdown, claiming he’d make quick work of him.

Epic Games turned the gaming scene upside down by temporarily removing building in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. The change has been positively received from many streamers, including Dr Disrespect and Pokimane.

Some are even calling to make it permanent. Ninja said it was the most fun he’s had on the game in years. However, the two-time wants to nip his excitement in the bud by proving he’s the vastly superior gamer.

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fortnite players running away from explosionEpic Games
Epic Games temporarily removed building in Fortnite.

Doc laid down the challenge after Ninja posted a video gushing about how much he’s enjoying the game.

“Fortnite with no building gives me the hardest OG Fortnite vibes ever,” said Ninja. “Enjoy this simple but clean shockwave clip.”

Doc responded, saying: “I’d wipe you so fast without building now. You and I both know this.” After all, the building mechanic was the only thing the two-time couldn’t get his head around, and now that’s gone.

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Sadly, Ninja pointed out that it can’t happen. “We will never know,” he said, referring to the fact that Twitch streamers aren’t allowed to play with the two-time, let alone watch him, following his mysterious ban.

The community guidelines state: “It is prohibited to use your channel to knowingly feature or advertise a suspended user.” It also says that users are expected to make a “good faith effort” to remove them from a broadcast.

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While they could match up off-stream — or make a YouTube video out of it — it wouldn’t have the same level of hype. So, unless things change in Doc’s case, that Fortnite challenge will be put on ice.