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Did Fortnite secretly change Pump Shotguns in Season 2?

Published: 16/Mar/2020 11:22 Updated: 16/Mar/2020 11:26

by Jacob Hale


Fortnite’s Pump Shotguns have long been a point of contention for players, but it appears they may have been secretly changed for the launch of Chapter 2, Season 2, but Epic Games haven’t explained yet.

Pump Shotguns are notoriously fickle weapons to carry. You have the ability to one-pump someone, while also being completely let down by it in the next breath with an unexpectedly weak shot.

This is part and parcel of the Fortnite experience and something many players have come to terms with – but it seems the Pump may have been secretly changed for Season 2, and has left some scratching their heads.

Epic Games
Players will often try to avoid the common and uncommon Pump Shotguns due to their unreliability.

There’s a couple of things that players believe have changed in Season 2, mostly pertaining to damage, but what are they? Without patch notes, it is hard to tell for certain, yet, there are a couple of theories floating around.

Pellet Damage

One change that has occurred, that is quite hard to hide, is the amount of damage being done by individual pellets of the Pump Shotgun, as pointed out on Reddit by HirsiHD.

While these are supposed to only deal damage in increments of 10, players have noticed a variation in this, hitting, for example, for 98 damage as opposed to 100.

Headshot Damage

Another difference players have noticed in is headshot damage or, more specifically, hitbox issues when hitting a headshot. As evidenced in the video below, from March 2, hitting someone in the chin, square in the head, or even slightly above the head all deal different amounts of damage  – despite the fact that you would expect them all to be classified as a headshot.

As such, you would think the damage would be the same for all shots, but this shows clear inconsistencies, with a chin shot essentially being akin to a body shot.

(Timestamp 2:05 for mobile viewers)

Without Epic’s patch notes, we’re not sure what changes have been made exactly, or why, but if players keep bringing up issues with the Pump Shotgun they may be forced to comment on the issue or explain what changes have been made.

So far, we’re unsure whether any other changes were secretly made to the Pump in Season 2, but the examples above are definitely enough to raise some eyebrows.


Fortnite Season 5 Zero Point: 15.00 patch notes, Bounty System, New Shotguns

Published: 2/Dec/2020 8:51

by Isaac McIntyre


After the incredible Nexus War event that saw Galactus finally attack the Fortnite island, Chapter 2 Season 5 is officially here, bringing a host of updates to the game, including new weapons, a Bounty system, and some major map changes.

Season 4’s dramatic conclusion captivated the world on December 1, as the “Devourer of Worlds” Galactus finally reigned terror over the game’s island, attempting to pull the Zero Point out of the middle of the map to be consumed and end reality as we know it. Thankfully, with the help of some Marvel heroes like Ironman, Thor, and Wolverine, the gigantic villain was banished, but not before he made some startling changes.

Season 5 is set to revolve around the Zero Point, a massive ball of energy that creates the reality Fortnite exists in, and with it now exposed, Jonesy and some powerful bounty hunters have arrived on the island to stabilize it, and prevent any players from escaping the island.

With new weapons, the Bounty system, and some major map updates, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into this season. Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Season 5: Zero Point.

New Weapons and Items

As always, a new season brings new toys for players to try out, and Season 5 is no exception. The new Dragon Shotgun is sure to lead to your enemy’s fiery demise, while the seven new fish available to catch in-game will give you a nice boost when needed.

Fans of Disney+’s The Mandalorian will get to use the weapons they see the character uses in the show, with his Amban Sniper Rifle making an appearance, while you’ll also be able to take to the sky using his Jetpack too.

Interestingly, there are also Gold Bars this season, along with a safe to keep them in. What you’ll be able to do with these bars remains unclear, but it’s likely they are the reward for capturing bounties and could be used to improve your loadout by buying new weapons or items. You can view the full list of new items below.

  • Dragon Shotgun
  • Shadow Tracker
  • New Floppers
    • Tiger Zero Fish
    • Leafy Zero Fish
    • Skull Zero Fish
    • Rift-To-Go Flopper
    • Sandstorm Rift Flopper
    • Zero Point Flopper
  • Bounty Board
  • Gold Bars & Safe
  • Boom’s Sniper Rifle (Mythic)
  • Amban Sniper Rifle (Mythic)
  • Mandalorian’s Jetpack (Mythic)

Vaults and Unvaults

Along with new items, Epic Games have used the Vault system to freshen up the loot pool. Charge and Double Barrel Shotguns are back, along with the P90, Storm Scout Rifle, and Balloons.

Players will be saying goodbye to the Revolver, Fire Trap, Scar AR, and Tactical SMGs. Perhaps the biggest vault, the Pump Shotgun has once again been removed from the game, although it’s always worth remembering that just because an item has been vaulted doesn’t mean it won’t come back again in the future. You can check out the full list of vaults and unvaults below.


  • Charge Shotgun
  • Double Barrel Shotgun
  • P90
  • SMG
  • Storm Scout Rifle
  • Tactical Shotgun
  • Balloons


  • Revolver
  • Fire Trap
  • Scoped Assault Rifle
  • Epic/Legendary Pump Shotgun
  • Legendary Combat Shotgun
  • Scar
  • Epic/Legendary Tac SMG

Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass

Of course, there’s also a new Battle Pass for players to grind through this season, with The Mandalorian the stand-out addition, alongside a number of new skins that are unlike anything we’ve seen before.

The full Battle Pass hasn’t been released just yet, but you can take a look at the trailer which has been dropped by Epic Games.

Map Changes

There’s something strange going on with the Fortnite Season 5 map, with some classic locations returning, but not exactly as we remember them. Tilted Towers and Salty Springs have been merged together to create Salty Towers, a hybrid of both original map locations.

Elsewhere, Stealthy Stronghold, Hunter’s Haven, and Colossal Coliseum are the three POIs to be added this year, along with a host of other Season 5 map changes that have yet to be discovered.

Bug fixes

No Fortnite patch would be complete without bug fixes, and Epic Games have ironed out a few issues heading into the new season, including a fix for keybinding issues and disabling the Bash Burner pickaxe in competitive playlists:

  • Huntress Outfit appearing as Ramirez or another Outfit.
  • Impossible to bind the same key to different actions with Keyboard.
  • Bash Burner Pickaxe temporarily disabled in competitive playlists.

More information and patch notes from the Fortnite Season 5 update is being released constantly, so make sure to keep checking back to Dexerto as we continue to update this article throughout the day.