Did Fortnite remove Party Royale?

Andrew Highton
art for fortnite's party royale game modeEpic Games

Party Royale is a fan-favorite game mode in Fortnite that provides a fun hub to play mini-games and relax, but some players are wondering: Did Fortnite remove Party Royale?

People keep asking the question, is Fortnite dying? A quick look at its player count and constantly full lobbies even in Chapter 3 Season 2 would suggest that is it far from it. In fact, the recent addition of a no-build variation has caused a resurgence in the game.

Fortnite now has tons of game modes to change things up, such as Party Royale. First introduced in 2020, Party Royale has offered players a healthy alternative to the competitive nature of conventional battle royale and similar modes.

It has remained constantly popular since its inception, but is Epic Games’ fun side mode still available to play?


concert taking place in fortnite's party royale modeEpic Games
Concerts are one of many ways to enjoy Party Royale in Fortnite.

Is Party Royale still in Fortnite?

As of April 20, 2022, Party Royale is not currently playable in Fortnite.

As confirmed by iFireMonkey and many other Fortnite news sources: “Party Royale has been disabled.”

There has been no official statement from Epic Games as to why this is the case, but for the time being, players will be unable to take part in the game mode.

Given the mode’s immense popularity, we don’t expect this removal to last too long and it might be purely down to some needed maintenance.

What is Fortnite’s Party Royale mode?

Unlike Fortnite’s battle royale mode which wants you to take out players until you are the last person standing, Party Royale is a pacifist paradise designed to encourage players to bond with each other.

The setup is designed for players to interact and watch in-game music concerts together, literally paint the town red Splatoon style, and basically enjoy the game’s mechanics without any fear of elimination.

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