Dexerto ULTIMATE Fortnite Quiz #3 - Season 6 quiz [HARD]

by Albert Petrosyan


The Dexerto ULTIMATE Fortnite Quiz series returns for week three, and this week's edition will test you on how well you know about the recently concluded Season 6 in Fortnite Battle Royale. 


For this week's quiz, we will be taking a trip down short term memory lane and revisiting Season 6, which gave way to Season 7 on December 6.

Having started on September 27, Season 6 lasted a total of ten weeks, during which a lot of things happened in the world of Fortnite, including weapons and items being added and vaulted, the in-game Fortnitemares Halloween event, the Butterfly event, a lot of Cube related activities, and more.


This week's quiz featured 20 multiple-choice questions which will test how well you remember and know about the things and events that took place in Season 6.

As always, your Fortnite knowledge will be put to the ultimate test, as our questions vary from the easiest difficulty to nearly impossible to answer, but the right answer will always be there if you just think back hard enough. 

After you complete the quiz, you will be placed in one of five categories based on how well you score. Make sure to screenshot your score and tweet it to us @Dexerto, or post it in the comments section of the quiz tweets.

Feel free to also share this quiz with any of your friends and family who play Fortnite, so that you can see which one of you is the true battle royale wizard.


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