Leaked Names and Rarities of 29 Unreleased Fortnite v5.1.0 Skins, Cosmetic Items, and Emotes

Data miners have details about several of the unreleased cosmetic items coming soon to Fortnite: Battle Royale.

This new set of leaks includes the names and rarities of various skins, pickaxes, back blings, gliders, emotes, and a skydiving trail that will be as part of the v5.1.0 Update, which launches on July 24.

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Normally, data miners will go through game files after a major game update and leak any new items or information before they are officially announced or released.

However, because the Chinese Fortnite servers were updated early and the v5.1.0 Patch was released ahead of schedule, details regarding the new batch of cosmetic items appeared in the game files, ready to be mined. 

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The upcoming items include six outfit skins, nine back blings, four gliders, six pickaxes, three emotes, and one skydiving trail. 

These v5.1.0 leaks and their details are made available by fnbr.co, a database of Fortnite’s various cosmetic items and emotes.

Outfit Skins

Archetype (Epic)
Maverick (Epic)
Reef Ranger (Epic)
Shade (Epic)
Sun Tan Specialist (Epic)
Wreck Raider (Epic)
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Back Blings

Air Tank (Epic)
Bat Attitude (Epic)
Diving Tank (Epic)
Paradigm (Epic)
Rescue Ring (Epic)
Ballistic (Rare)
Birthday Cake (Rare)
Insignia (Rare)
Penguin (Rare)
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Servo (Epic)
Helium (Uncommon)
Rush (Uncommon)
Steadfast (Uncommon)


Clutch Axe (Rare)
Harpoon Axe (Rare)
Pointer (Rare_
Power Grip (Rare)
Rescue Paddle (Rare)
Caliper (Rare)


Living Large (Rare)
Hand Signals (Uncommon)
Finger Wag (Uncommon)

Skydiving Trail