Data Mined Files Suggest the Fortnite Battle Bus Could Soon be Customizable

The look of the Battle Bus could change during each Fortnite game if a leak on the back of September 6’s update is to be believed.

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The iconic blue bus school bus has floated into battle on millions of occasions, but that familiar look could soon be replaced with something much more jazzy.

Epic Games released a major update on Thursday, September 6, which included everything from weapon changes through to a brand new event, named High Stakes.

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Part of every update involves a bunch of keen Fortnite fans rummaging through the files of the patch, and attempting to work out new information set to be released.

Popular website StormShieldOne have released their findings, and they have announced that Epic Games is set to include Battle Bus customization.

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“While digging through Fortnite Update 5.40 our automatically generated patch page detected a new “Random Battle Bus” feature that’s tagged for Fortnite Battle Royale. This sounds similar to the random skin feature that the game already supports. This prompted us to do a little more digging and we found references to a “Purple Bus” in the files. This is only the third ever bus added to the game behind the default skin and the special birthday skin.”

Fans of the battle royale genre will know that specific skins for the vehicle loading into the game isn’t new, with PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds already boasting custom skins for their transport plane.

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