Dakotaz apparently needs to be paid up front for Fortnite squad revives

Eli Becht
Epic Games

Brett ‘Fortnite and decided to charge him for a revive, causing his partner to leave the match altogether.

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Sometimes your best moments in Fortnite come when you mess around with a random player. While it was fun for Dakotaz, we can’t say the same thing about his partner.

When his random duo partner was eliminated, Dakotaz was moving to pick up his Reboot Card, but instead made some demands before he did so.

Epic Games
Dakotaz is famous for his Snorkle Ops skin.
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“20 bucks,” he said. “20 bucks and I’ll get your reboot. I’m teaching you a hard lesson right now, 20 bucks is the price. You got PayPal?”

It was after this that his teammate was fed up and decided to leave the game entirely before Dakotaz was able to apologize.

“He left!” he exclaimed. “Oh my God, bro! Noooo! Oh my God! It’s seven years of bad luck, bro! Oh my God, noooooo!”

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His teammate probably didn’t want to shell out 20 dollars just for a revive so instead of getting his PayPal set up, he left the game instead.

It just goes to show you that not everyone has the time to sit around to be trolled when they could already be in another lobby playing again.

With that said, DK did feel bad about making the young player leave as it’s possible they didn’t realize it was all an elaborate joke.

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Making somebody disconnect is a good feeling in many games but not in a team-based game, especially when it’s your own teammate leaving because of you.

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There’s no telling who’s on the other end of your jokes and how they’ll take them, so this could potentially be a cautionary tale about how to talk to your random teammates in the future.