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Creative Fortnite trick lets you survive huge falls from Helicopters

Published: 24/Mar/2020 1:16

by Brad Norton


Fortnite players have uncovered a clever trick that allows you to survive great falls from Helicopters which would otherwise wipe you out of the match.

Fall damage can be the most frustrating aspect of any battle royale, especially for Fortnite players considering the towering build structures many of the game’s battles are fought on throughout each match.

With the recently introduced Helicopters, it can be easy to blow up in midair and crash to the ground below, wiping out your squad with some serious fall damage. However, a creative trick could let you avoid certain death if timed just right.


Epic Games
Fortnite’s Helicopters can be found all over the map.

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While the latest vehicle in Fortnite has been put under the microscope since its introduction in the 12.20 patch on March 17, and the community has already discovered a few powerful tricks, the new Helicopters certainly come with their own unique downsides.

If players want to safely reach the ground after soaring through the skies, they either have to slowly glide back down, or jump out and land in a body of water.

A creative new discovery from Reddit user ‘OpathicaNAE’ adds one more option to the mix, however. When positioned just right, it turns out that you can survive a great fall simply by landing on top of a dumpster.


How to survive a max height fall from a helicopter without water from FortNiteBR

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Negating any form of damage upon the impact of landing, you’re able to quickly ‘hide’ in the garbage and transport through to a safe space on the other side. 

Rather than exploding when touching the ground, this can make for an easy getaway if enemies are trying to shoot your Helicopter down.

While these spots can be quite difficult to make out while soaring through the sky, it can pay great dividends to familiarize yourself with dumpster locations around the map so that you too, can utilize this trick in-game.

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Epic Games
It turns out that dumpsters can actually save your life.

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The tactic might be extremely difficult for full squads to attempt, but it could be just what you need to survive a sticky situation in your next game.


Taking full advantage of the new vehicle, another discovery even lets you switch Helicopters to autopilot while you fire away at enemies from the sky.