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Crazy storm concept in Fortnite could improve competitive matches

Published: 6/Oct/2018 13:19 Updated: 6/Oct/2018 13:40

by Calum Patterson


A competitive Fortnite fan has designed a new storm concept, intended to reduce camping and “healoffs” in the late game of competitive matches.

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While Fortnite is the most watched video game in the world in terms of live streaming, some fans of the more competitive aspect of the game have pointed out the problems with ‘late game’ situations.

Recent Summer Skirmish and Fall Skirmish tournaments have highlighted these issues, where the final moments of a game can be tedious to watch, as participants play it safe to secure the victory.

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This has resulted in what viewers call “healoffs”, where players are not aggressive and rather take shots at each other from distance and the cover of builds, repeatedly taking and inflicting damage, and healing.


But, without removing all incentive to actually win games, it is difficult to promote more aggressive playstyles in the late game.

One creative fan, u/Swahhillie, has devised a ‘Split Storm’ concept, where the safe area would split into four zones, before forcing all players together in a tight final circle.

The creator explains the goal is to “Split up stacked lobbies to force smaller, individual engagements. Thereby decreasing late game RNG and third partying.”

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Another user suggested a possible fix to ‘healoffs’, borrowing from PUBG’s idea, where players are unable to use heals while taking storm damage from the final circle.


Epic Games has shown an openness to trying out new mode and storm ideas through Limited Time Modes (LTM). 

The Blitz LTM for example made storm circles smaller and collapsed faster. Perhaps an LTM could be used to try out varying storm changes, not just speed and size, but also shape and splitting.