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Crazy Fortnite Season 6 exploit lets you craft items instantly

Published: 24/Mar/2021 20:35

by Tanner Pierce


While crafting in Fortnite can normally leave you exposed for a few precious seconds, a new exploit discovered by a player on Reddit allows you to craft your items near instantaneously, allowing you to get back into the fight quicker. 

Crafting in Fortnite was added with the launch of Season 6. While it’s a bit too early to see how well the community likes the feature, it does allow you to easily make more advanced versions of the weapons through either Primal or Mechanical upgrades.

Unfortunately, one of the main problems with the feature is that, unlike the upgrades you can get from the NPCs, you’re left exposed for a few seconds, without any means to defend yourself. Now, a Fortnite player has discovered a new way to eliminate that wait.


Epic Games
A new exploit is allowing Fortnite players to instantly craft weapons and items.

According to Reddit user Jedisiri21, who previously came up with a way to instantly destroy Slurp Trucks in Season 5, there’s an exploit that allows you to craft weapons at a faster speed.

According to them, what you want to do is auto-run, open the crafting menu, attempt to craft and then cancel the crafting animation. After that, the next time you try to craft a weapon, it’ll be faster, as evidenced in the video. Unfortunately, there are a couple of stipulations with this exploit.

How to craft instantly/quicker from r/FortniteCompetitive

For one, you still still need all of the items you’d normally need for the crafted weapon, so theres no way to skip out on any of that. Second, the bug seems to be a bit inconsistent. Some parts of the video show that the weapon is crafted almost instantly after you begin the craft, while others show that it takes a few seconds.


Of course, given the fact that this is a bug, it’s more than likely only a matter of time before this gets fixed by Epic Games. Even though it’s inconsistent, it does have the potential to give one person an advantage over everyone else so the devs will more than likely want to fix it quickly.

Still, until then, you should be able to try this out for yourself. While it may not work 100% of the time, it should help.