CouRage reveals one thing Fortnite still can’t get right

Fortnite’s latest v8.10 update fixed a lot of bugs and added some new things, but streamer CouRage is still waiting on Epic Games to fix one crucial thing.

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Players owe a lot of credit to Epic Games due to their track record with listening to players and the fact updates come weekly to Fortnite.

However, there’s one thing players have been wanting for quite some time now and that’s noise fixes. It has never been easy to tell where players are based on their footsteps and that is still a problem that plagues the game.

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For the casual player, hearing footsteps is important but not completely crucial to the enjoyment of Fortnite.

However, this is completely different for pro players as they have to rely on sounds to get the edge on opponents. Not understanding the direction footsteps are coming from is a very important thing that needs fixing.

Epic GamesFootsteps are tough to decipher in Fortnite, especially in Tilted Towers.
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CouRage, a pretty common name to see connected to Fortnite esports and popular streamer, shared his displeasure with how Epic Games has not fixed this issue as of yet.

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“I’ve played 9,000+ games and still couldn’t tell you if the enemy is above, below, or same level as me,” he wrote on Twitter.

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CouRage is far from the only player to complain about this problem and he certainly won’t be the last.

Epic Games has done their part in fixing the sound for a lot of Fortnite but we’re still waiting on fixes to come to footsteps. Tilted Towers is where this problem truly shines as many of the buildings have multiple stories and there’s no real way to tell where your enemy is.

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As bigger names share their displeasure it’s possible Epic Games will streamline this fix in future updates.

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Until now, players just have to do their best with pinpointing enemy footsteps.

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