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CouRage Gives His Honest Opinion on Summer Skirmish Co-Caster Zeke After Fans Criticized Him

Published: 31/Jul/2018 21:09

by Calum Patterson


Jack “CouRage” Dunlop returned to the casting desk recently to commentate the Fortnite Summer Skirmish, and while fans loved him, they weren’t so polite about his co-commentator ‘Zeke’.

CouRage is now a full time streamer and member of OpTic Gaming, but was previously a full time caster for MLG until early 2018, where he was a fan favorite.

When the opportunity to cast his new favorite game, Fortnite, came along, CouRage snapped it up, travelling to LA to co-commentate Summer Skirmish Epic Games video editor, known as Zeke.

CouRage received plenty of praise for his professional and entertaining casting – familiar to Call of Duty esport fans. But some were very critical of Zeke’s casting, even calling for him to be off the broadcast, so CourRage has spoken up in his defense.

During a recent live stream, CouRage took a moment to make everyone aware that this was one of Zeke’s first ever casts, and by day he is a video editor for Epic.

“Zeke, who was my co-caster, you guys might not even know this, but that was literally like his fifth time on broadcast. During the week he’s a video editor for Epic, but he’s that passionate about wanting to become a caster, that they’re offering him and opportunity.

When I was on my fifth time ever casting I was total shit. Zeke is a better caster than I was at that time in my career. […] He’s still getting the hang of things, don’t count him out, he needs more experience and he knows that. But to say he’s shit and this and that, it’s just not fair.”

It’s not clear if CouRage will be heading back out to Los Angeles to cast this weekend’s Summer Skirmish, but he did go on to say that he looks forward to casting with Zeke again.

The tournament is broadcast live on Fortnite’s official Twitch channel, and is expected to take place this weekend again on Friday and Saturday (August 3-4).

Considering how good CouRage was on his first week, fans will hope to see him and Zeke back at it together soon, and with his tutelage and experience, Zeke should become a great caster in no time.


SypherPK explains why competitive Fortnite’s momentum is slowing down

Published: 18/Jan/2021 4:28 Updated: 18/Jan/2021 4:35

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Fortnite’s competitive scene once had a lot of momentum, but now it’s slowed down to a stand-still for several reasons, and SypherPK explained why.

Fortnite exploded into the competitive esports world, and it’s been in the mix ever since. But although it’s still alive and well, its momentum has slowed down quite a bit.

Professional players like Benjy ‘Benjyfishy’ David Fish have expressed their concerns about the dwindling prize-pool. And one of the most popular players in the scene, William ‘Zayt’ Aubin, announced his retirement because he wasn’t having fun.

The game is still incredibly popular. However, the competitive scene is in dire straits, and Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan explained why. Here’s what he had to say.

SypherPK Fortnite Pay-To-Win Skins
Fortnite players can always trust SypherPK’s opinions and insights on the game.

“A lot of people recently have been saying that Fortnite competitive is dying,” he said. “I personally don’t think it’s dying, but momentum is slowing down. Something [needs to be] done to rejuvenate and re-motivate people, because… momentum is dwindling, and I can explain why.”

“NRG Zayt, who is one of the longest-running pro players from back in the OG days, decided to retire,” he said. “He’s still been placing really well in tournaments, [but] he might have lost motivation because… the prize pool is extremely low compared to what it used to be.”

“Another thing that has shifted is the fun factor,” he said. “Back in the day, content creators used to play tournaments for fun. You had people like CouRageJD and TimTheTatman playing. It drove viewership [numbers up]… even though [they] didn’t necessarily win. That doesn’t really happen anymore.”

Epic Games Fortnite World Cup Canceled 2021
Nick Statt
Fortnite fans haven’t been able to attend a LAN tournament for quite some time.

“Another [problem]… is the LAN tournaments,” he said. “For a good reason, we can’t have LAN events. But [they] drew more importance to them. People would be able to see competitors… and their reactions. We lost that, and we probably won’t get that back until 2022.”

“[Some of] the most memorable… moments [revolved] around LAN events,” he added. “You get more attracted to the storylines of the players. It feels more important. Right now, there is not as much story involved.”

“On top of that, when Epic Games is doing the live stream, they still use the spectator mode,” he said. “[It’s] laggy and choppy and doesn’t allow you to see the real skill that some of these players have.”

In the end, though, SypherPK re-iterated his belief that competitive Fortnite isn’t dying. However, he is convinced that it’s momentum is at an all-time low and thinks it needs to pick back up again. Only time will tell whether that happens.

Either way, Fortnite’s competitive scene isn’t as strong as it used to be. The signs are worrying, and if more players and viewers keep jumping ship, it will be interesting to see how Epic Games respond.