Could Wreck-It Ralph be joining forces with Fortnite for an upcoming crossover?

. 4 years ago
Epic Games/Disney

Fortnite is no stranger to promotional crossovers and it looks like another huge one could be on the way very soon.

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Given the heights that Fortnite has reached here in 2018, it’s usually not a surprise to see the game featured in various forms of media or hold special crossovers with other brands and franchises.

According to new game files found by data miners, though, it looks like Fortnite could be in for another massive in-game crossover.

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A video file has been found inside the “Promotions” folder of the game files that features popular Disney character Wreck-It Ralph running past the screen and waving at the viewer.

The file name seems to be referencing Risky Reels, one of the many point-of-interest locations on Fortnite’s sprawling map, making it likely that this video will be played on the movie screen at the location.

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There’s also speculation that there could be another LTM event similar to the Thanos event that came out earlier this year when Avengers: Infinity War was released.

With Ralph being an incredibly large character that was seen as a ‘bad guy’ during the first movie released in 2012, an event like Thanos’ could be a perfect fit for the character.

Of course, this is all speculation and none of this has been confirmed or officially announced by Epic Games.

Wreck-It Ralph’s new movie Ralph Breaks the Internet was released in theaters on November 21.  

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