Console Players NICKMERCS and Aydan Go Back and Forth in Intense Tilted Towers Rivalry During Grand Finals of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish Tournament

by Albert Petrosyan


The Grand Finals of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish tournament on September 3 was dominated by various headlines and subplots, one of which was the intense rivalry between popular streamer NICKMERCS and Ghost Gaming player Aydan.


While Nick and Aydan may differ in a variety of ways, there are two things they have very much in common when it comes to Fortnite: they both play with a controller, and they both love landing at Tilted Towers.

The pair stuck to their Fortnite philosophy and play-style in the $1.5 million Grand Finals, as both landed at Tilted in all seven of their matches. As a result, they inevitably crossed paths a total of four times, with Aydan coming out on top each time.


Their match-up became so common throughout the finals that the casters began every match with one eye on the Tilted Towers area of the mini-map, making sure to switch to the players' POV whenever they got into an engagement. 

It seemed that Aydan had NICKMERCS' number each time they faced, using a variety of weapon combinations and moves to consistently defeat the "king of Tilted Towers."

Epic Games even started humorously putting up an on-screen graphic labeling the location as "Nick's Towers," and changing it to "Aydan's Towers" whenever the Ghost pro would come out on top. 


However, despite the appearance of the match-up being totally one sided, their engagements were all very tight and intense, and Aydan was the firs to admit that Nick's level of play was very elite.

The pair were interviewed during the Grand Finals, the players discussed their intense Tilted Towers rivalry and broke down each other's strategies and techniques.


Both NICKMERCS and Aydan did remarkably well in the tournament; the Ghost pro player placed 11th and took home $15,000 while the 100 Thieves streamer placed 17th and won $11,250.

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