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Console Fortnite Pro Ayden Shows Off “Absolutely Insane” Building Skills During Summer Skirmish Finals

Published: 4/Sep/2018 11:10 Updated: 4/Sep/2018 11:19

by Matt Porter


It’s often thought that Fortnite players using a controller against those on keyboard and mouse are at a disadvantage. However, Ghost Gaming’s Aydan proved that may not always be the case during the Fortnite Summer Skirmish final at PAX West. 

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During the grand final, Aydan found himself in a build battle against his Ghost Gaming teammate Rocco “Saf” Morales.

While it was Aydan’s clever plays and good instincts that won him the battle over Saf, it was the speed and precision of his edits that caught the eye of caster Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, who labeled Aydan’s technique “absolutely insane”.


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Aydan’s incredible skill with the controller wasn’t the only thing drawing eyes to him during the finals of the Summer Skirmish, as a rivalry with 100 Thieves streamer NICKMERCS blossomed.

Both men like to land at Tilted Towers and, of course, this led to some epic confrontations between the two. In the end, it was a very one-sided rivalry, with Aydan taking down his opponent on all four occasions.

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Aydan’s impressive performance at the PAX West Summer Skirmish saw him finish in 11th place, earning him $15,000 in the process. The eventual winner was Morgausse, while Aydan’s teammate Bizzle took second spot.


With the PAX West Summer Skirmish now finished, you can find full placements, and some highlights from the tournament, here.