Confirmed Participants for Fortnite’s First ‘Summer Skirmish’ $250,000 Duos Tournament – Ft, CouRage, Tfue, and More!

Albert Petrosyan

The field of participants is coming to shape  for the first event of Fortnite’s newly announced ‘Summer Skirmish’ competitive series.

Although Epic Games have not yet released an official list of those who will be competing in the $250,000 Duos tournament, many have taken to social media to confirm their invitation.

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As expected, the first event will feature a mix of community content creators and professional players, or “players who have demonstrated their competitive prowess.”

While some have already named who they will be partnering up with, others have not yet decided who their duo will be.

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There are also several notable omissions, as some big names have tweeted out that they had not received an invitation for the first tournament.

However, this was also to be expected, as Epic confirmed that the format and competitors may change from week-to-week.

Here are some of the players who have confirmed that they will be playing in the first event. This article will be updated as more are announced.

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OpTic Gaming content creator Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop and OpTic pro ‘BaldyKun’

Twitch Streamer ‘Valkyrae’

YouTubers ‘Typical Gamer’ and ‘Thiefs’

Luminosity Gaming streamer and pro player ‘SypherPK’


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Streamer ‘KittyPlays’ and FaZe Clan pro player ‘Tfue’

100 Thieves streamer ‘NICKMERCS’

Team Liquid pro players ‘Chaps’ and ’72hrs’

YouTuber ‘NickEh30’

100 Thieves YouTuber ‘NoahJ456’

Unfortunately, there were some big names that were left out. Here are some of the well-known content creators and pro players that have not received an invite.

100 Thieves CEO and YouTuber ‘Nadeshot’

FaZe pro team captain ‘Cloak’

YouTuber ‘BasicallyIDoWrk’

Team SoloMid pro team captain ‘Myth’ (although this makes it unclear if he got an invite or not)

100 Thieves pro player and content creator ‘SirDimetrious’