Competitive Fortnite Player Shows the Power of the Grappler With Impressive Killing Spree

Fortnite Battle Royale players are continuing to use the new Grappler item to produce some truly spectacular highlights.

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KARNAGE Clan’s ‘Billiard’ has now added his name to that list with an impressive killing spree that relied heavily on the improved movement that the Grappler offers.

Billiard found himself caught in an awkward position, surrounded by numerous players and shot at from just about every angle, but decided to get aggressive and grapple his way forwards to take down the first of his first opponent before spinning and flying back in the direction that he came from to pick up a second.

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Billiard wasn’t finished there, though. After taking down a third player in quick succession to wipe out one of the opposing squads, his structure was quickly brought down by another attacker, taking away his high ground advantage.

Billiard wasted no time in pulling out the Grappler again and closing down the distance to his attacker in a matter of milliseconds before taking him down as well.

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At this point, with the danger passed and all of his would-be attackers eliminated. Billiard summed up his feelings about the new item:

“Grappling hook really [is] the best thing invented”

With the amount of highlight plays and changes to the meta that the Grappler has brought along since its introduction, many Fortnite players would agree with that assessment!

The Grappler was added to the game on September 6 as part of the V5.40 patch. The patch also marked the beginning of the highly anticipated “High Stakes” event in-game.