Cloakzy takes aim at one of Tfue’s annoying Fortnite habits

Isaac McIntyre

Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Major personalities and players on streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube often take it upon themselves to help their viewers, especially if they’ve subscribed or donated during the stream. There are few that don’t speak to their chat while playing.

Cloak, who qualified for the Fortnite Champion Series Season X Finals alongside teammate Tfue and Thomas “72hrs” Mulligan this week, was clearly at boiling point when it came to his longtime friend dishing out critiques and tips to eager viewers.

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“You do a thing where whenever we fight someone, and they’re really bad and we kill them non-stop, you say what they’re doing wrong on-stream and then they don’t do the thing wrong anymore and it turns into a fight,” Cloak said.

“You need to not say ‘Wow, these guys are really dumb for being so split’ because then they’re not going to be split. They’re probably going to listen to your stream.”

Tfue is currently involved in a lengthy legal battle with FaZe Clan.
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It was a reasonable request for Cloak to make, considering he, Tfue, and 72hrs are trying to practice for an upcoming competition that has nearly $500,000USD on the line. Tfue saw it a little differently though, and defended the advice he was giving his viewers.

“I’ve got sub-only vods,” the Twitch star said. “If they pay $5 for my advice then it’s gucci.”

Tfue defended his subscriber’s right to learn from his stream.
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Perhaps the most humorous response to Cloak’s mini-rant at his teammate was when Tfue tried to get 72hrs to weigh in on the situation. The third man in the discussion was having none of it, however, and clearly just wanted to keep playing the game.

“Honestly man, I’m just here so I don’t get fined,” said 72hrs in a deadpan voice.

(Video starts at 5:30 mark for mobile users.)

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Of course, it’s all for a good cause. Cloak clearly doesn’t want to fall behind in preparations for the upcoming Season X Finals, while Tfue feels like he has to give back to the viewers that are supporting him in his subscriber-only streams. 

Tfue may just have to mute himself in-game before he dishes out advice for his fans next time.