Cizzorz reveals first look at new Deathrun 3.0 Fortnite obstacle course

Popular FaZe Clan content creator Cizzorz has revealed yet another addition to his infamous ‘Deathrun’ obstacle course series in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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This new Deathrun 3.0 course will be the third installment in what has become arguably the most popular set of obstacle courses in Fortnite’s Creative mode.

Much to his amusement, Cizzorz make these Deathrun courses incredibly difficult, as they feature levels upon levels of traps, treacherous falls, traps, narrow ledges, near-impossible jumps, traps, and frustrating diversions. Oh, and did we mention traps?

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In a video he published on February 11, Cizzorz gave players and fans the first glimpse at what is to become Deathrun 3.0, as there is still a lot of construction needed to be done before the course is finished.

There is still no confirmation as to how many levels there will be in this Deathrun, but if the previous ones are anything to go by, it should have plenty for players to have to deal with.

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In the video, Cizzorz reveals that the Deathrun 3.0 will have a major difference from the previous two courses in that it will be a lot more doable for the average player.

The way this one will work is that its earlier levels will be a lot easier than before, but then the difficulty will be drastically increased for the later levels.

This comes after many complained about the previous courses being too difficult, despite the fact that good number of players were able to complete them. 

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As with the previous two Deathruns, the third version will also be featured in a time-trial competition, with the prize money set at a whopping $25,000!

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