Fortnite: Cameo vs Chic Challenge guide - all No Fishing locations

by Scott Robertson
Epic Games


The news set of Overtime challenge set, called Cameo vs Chic, has been released for Fortnite Chapter 2. Here’s how you complete the challenge that requires items to be caught with a Fishing Rod at three different locations with ‘No Fishing’ signs.

The lengthy Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 2 is nearly at an end, but not before some additional Overtime Challenges get released. The Cameo vs Chic set was released on January 30 and those who complete it earn a golden outfit skin of the same name.

12 challenges are included within that set, but players only need to complete nine of them if they want the cosmetic item. However, each completed challenge awards an additional 52,000 experience points, so there’s an incentive to do as many as you can.

Cameo vs Chic Overtime reward skin
Epic Games
Here's the gold skin style you'll be awarded after completing these challenges.


One of the objectives is to catch an item with a Fishing Rod at different locations with No Fishing signs. Fortunately, players won’t have to travel far to get to all three, as they are all located in the immediate vicinity around Slurpy Swamp and the Slurp factory.

You can find one No Fishing sign directly north of the factory and to the east of the bridge that leads away from the factory.

The other two are on the west side, with one directly west next to the boat spawn, and the other on the southwest, where the glowing, healing water touches the edge of the factory.

Slurpy Swamp map in Fortnite
Epic Games
Locations of No Fishing spots


The good news is that each spot has fishing rods available, but those could be taken by the time you get there, so perhaps you should save an inventory slot and take the first rod you find with you.

You don't have to get all three spots covered in a single game, so don’t worry if you get eliminated running from one to another. It also doesn’t matter what item you catch.

This challenge is one of three initial objectives that players need to complete to unlock the rest of the set. The other two are to consume an apple, a mushroom, and a Slurpshroom, and to search five Rare Chests or Supply Llamas.

Cameo vs Chic mission in Fortnite
Epic Games
The Mission hub for the Cameo vs Chic golden skin mission.


As the image above indicates, completing these challenges is one of the ways players can unlock the Chic skin, albeit the only free method.

The other way requires the purchase of the Battle Pass, as those who reach Tier 80 will also get the outfit added to their inventory.