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Bugha reveals his new Fortnite Season 2 keybinds & settings

Published: 21/Feb/2020 19:40

by Eli Becht


Just in time for Fortnite Season 2, World Cup champ Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf revealed his updated keybinds and settings he uses to dominate the competition.

If you ever want to play like the professionals, you need to think like them, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to mimic what they do in their games.

It’s hard to think of many better pros to try and be like than Bugha, who famously took home the number one spot during the Fortnite World Cup.

YouTube: Jimmy Fallon
YouTube: Jimmy Fallon
Bugha is one of the best Fortnite players in the world.

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He is constantly pestered by viewers to reveal his settings, so that’s what he finally did in a YouTube video.


In his upload, the Fortnite pro goes through all of the tabs the game offers so viewers know exactly how to set their graphics on PC to get the most frames-per-second out of matches.

Like most pros, he plays in 1080p, but instead of playing with a unlocked framerate, he caps it at 240. His draw distance, which will affect how far you’re able to see, is set to “Medium” while the rest of his settings are either off or on low.

Epic Games
Epic Games
Be a champ like Bugha with these Fortnite settings!

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The most important thing, and what players are likely most interested in, are his keybinds and he went through and gave viewers a glimpse at those.


For a game that uses as many as keys as Fortnite thanks to its building mechanic, it’s important to get something that feels right for you. Many players will use a mouse that has buttons on the side for their ramps and walls, but there are still several pros who still prefer using their keyboard.

Bugha does use his mouse for a lot of his building, and he explains how he uses the side buttons to open up his inventory and build options, making everything all in one handy spot.

(Segment begins at 5:19)

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Now, just because you copy someone’s keybinds doesn’t mean you’ll instantly become as good as they are. It will still take plenty of practice, and definitely won’t be an overnight thing.


You also might have to purchase a new mouse if you do plan on binding some settings to it. A survey of 120 Fortnite pros revealed what the most popular equipment is among them, so if you do find yourself looking to improve your skills, it might be worth picking up some new peripherals.

Who knows, if these new settings end up paying off – you could find yourself in the next Fortnite World Cup!