Bugha hits out at Epic Games over Fortnite tournaments region system

Epic games

Fortnite World Cup Solo’s winner, Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf has hit out at Epic Games for allowing players to compete in other regions.

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Fortnite’s weekly events such as the Champions Series Trio’s tournament is often streamed by professional players and streamers.

However, despite their popularity amongst viewers, World Cup winner, Bugha, expressed his concerns for the weekly events’ current region system, which often sees European players competing in the North American tournaments and vice versa.

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Epic GamesBugha managed to pull off the Victory Royale at the Fortnite World Cup Solo’s tournament in New York.
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The Sentinels star had enough of matching up with high-ping players from other continents and criticized the popular battle royale developers for allowing them to compete outside of their local region.

Bugha also claimed that certain players would even “grief” or purposefully sabotage other competitors while playing in Bugha’s NA-East events.

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“Why are other regions able to play on yours in tournaments,” The World Cup winner asked, explaining his concerns with the current system, “All they do is grief.”

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Although streamers and pros are less likely to take the tournament as serious when competing in another region, there are many pro players who try their best to make the tournament as competitive as possible regardless of what region the online event is based in.

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One European star who is often seen competing at a high level in North American tournaments is FaZe Clan’s Mongraal, who recently finished 3rd in one of the Solo Cash Cups.

It is unknown if Epic Games will look to take on Bugha’s criticism and change the current region system or even introduce harsher punishments for those found guilty of griefing in order to make the weekly Fortnite tournaments more competitive again.

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