Broken Fortnite glitch lets players shoot through Cow Catchers

fortnite cow catcherEpic Games

A wild new Fortnite glitch is allowing players to shoot an opponent directly through their Cow Catcher and kill them despite being behind cover.

Five years since its release and Fortnite seems to be stronger than ever. Epic Games has renewed interest in the Battle Royale shooter after they made the drastic decision to remove building entirely from the game.

The move has piqued interest from players and streamers alike, with both Pokimane and xQc hopping back into the game for the first time in a while.

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Although the changes have had a positive reaction, one player encountered an unfortunate glitch with a new item that cost them a match.

fortnite-chapter-3-season-2-fortressEpic Games
Fortnite is currently in Chapter Three, season three.

Fortnite player encounters game-losing Cow Catcher bug

Reddit user radioactivejason2004 was playing the shooter when he got shot directly through a Cow Catcher.

Cow Catchers are new item in Fortnite that are both a vehicle modification and can provide emergency cover when in a firefight.

Jason attempted to use the Cow Catcher to protect themself from gunfire up above, but was shot directly through the protection.

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They titled their post, “Uhhh, why did I get shot through my cover?”

Comments flooded the post attempting to find the exact reason why this bug occurred, with some pointing to the game’s issues with rendering.

The top-rated post said, “Rendering bug. If someone is far away, they can shoot you through the cover. Someone that was in 5th place a the no-building tournament died like this yesterday.”

Despite the bugs with Cow Catchers players have encountered, star players like PKSypher still believe they are an incredibly strong item.

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