Blink and You'll Miss It! Fortnite Battle Royale's Jetpack and Shotgun "Close Encounters" Mode Has Already Been Disabled

by Ross Deason


Fortnite Battle Royale’s all-new “Close Encounters” Limited Time Mode finally went live on May 25th and the Shotgun + Jetpack combination had everyone excited… until it was disabled again less than an hour later.

One of the many ways that Epic Games is able to keep Fortnite Battle Royale fresh and exciting for its ever growing fan base is through Limited Time Modes.


Limited Time Modes, or LTMs, are additional modes which custom rules and settings which differ from the standard Battle Royale game type.

Generally speaking a Limited Time Mode will be introduced on a weekly basis, along with the weekly update, to replace its predecessor and will remain live for a total of seven days.


This was not the case following the release of the May 22nd V4.2 Content Update as the patch notes described two Limited Time Modes in the form of Solid Gold V2 and the all-new “Close Encounters”.

Solid Gold V2 was mode that was initially enabled but the highly anticipated Close Encounters, which features Shotgun only gameplay mixed with the new Jetpacks, finally went on May 25th, much to everyone’s excitement.


…. For about 40 minutes.

In the time it took to see the news about Close Encounters going, the official Fortnite Twitter account put out another announcement which was met with a great deal less enthusiasm.

The developers have been forced to disable the LTM due an undisclosed issue and have re-enabled Solid Gold V2 for the time being.

We’re not sure what the problem is but we hope it is fixed soon so that we can finally start playing Close Encounters and find out if it is as fun as it sounds.

We will keep you updated as more news is made available.