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Fortnite • Dec 07, 2018

Some of these Fortnite Creative map creations will pull on the heart strings - Call of Duty classics and more


The arrival of Fortnite's Creative mode for Season 7 has led to many impressive and nostalgic structures being built already. So, we've collected some of the best ones for you.


Creative is a brand new game mode for Fornite and allows players to build with an unlimited supply of materials, which you would usually see scattered across the Battle Royale map.

This opens up endless opportunities for people to make some very exciting things, as well as recreate some of their favourite maps from other games in the past - and that's exactly what they're doing. 

So, we've collected some of the best designs so far for you. Check them out:

Nuketown (Call of Duty: Black Ops)

The famous close-quarters map from Call of Duty: Black Ops I is being reassembled by just about everyone on Fortnite Creative. Below is one recreation of the design, which was created by XFitJesus.

Alexandria Safe-Zone (The Walking Dead)

While Fortnite, for the minute at least, have not added zombies to their new Creative mode, that hasn't stopped some gamers from preparing for their potential arrival. u/Littledarkfury has shared this version of Alexandria, which was a safe-zone very prominently featured in seasons 5-8 of the AMC series. 

The only downside to this design, however, is the lack of water in the middle. Instead, the residents of this safe-zone will have to settle for some blue tiles instead. 

Alexandria Safe-Zone recreated with Fortnite Creative.

Rust (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II)

Many gamers have been discussing the idea of bringing the famous MW2 map to the Fortnite world, and this is maybe the most fully formed version yet. The design might not as easy on the eye as Nuketown, but you can see what Fortnite Forge was going for when they put this together.  


Even if Flush Factory was removed from the game in Season 7, that won't stop people from building them. This one looks fantastic. 

Factory design made with Fortnite Creative.


There's a lot of Call of Duty maps being made with this new game mode, but this is not the Castle map from World at War. It's a totally original design and should be a perfect to do battle. 

This Castle Map put together with Fortnite Creative looks pretty impressive.

Twinleaf Town (Pokémon)

As featured in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, Twinleaf town has been recreated in Fortnite by u/March4th2016. It's one of the more simpler designs, clearly, but you would hope some long grass wouldn't be far away. 

Sinnoh region's Twinleaf Town reimagined in Fortnite.
The original Twinleaf town from the Pokémon video games.

The Mall

Not everything has to be exactly, exciting. Some designs are more practical, take this mall for example.

What the mall may lack in interior design, it makes up with in size. With a built-in inventory of useful items, this wouldn't be a bad spot to land. 

Could you do one better? Share your designs with us on Twitter @Dexerto and we'll take a look.

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