Best Fortnite 1V1 course codes June 2021

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1v1 courses
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Looking to challenge one of your friends to a good ol’ fashioned 1V1, or just looking to improve some of your mechanics? 1V1 courses are a fantastic way to improve all aspects of your Fortnite gameplay! 

Creative has been, without a doubt, one of the best modes that Fortnite has added into their game over the last three and a half years. It has allowed players to create some extravagant maps and discover various ways to improve their gameplay.

While edit courses may be the fan-favorite when it comes to improving your mechanics, 1V1’s are a fantastic alternative to hone all of your skills in just a single map.

Thankfully, Fortnite boasts an ample amount of 1V1 maps for players to check out, and we are going to run over the best ones down below!

1v1 map
Epic Games
The galaxy 1V1 map is absolutely stunning!

What are Fortnite 1V1 maps?

These maps are designed by players that can be queued into the Fortnite Creative Hub. Taking a code from Epic Games website for these maps, players can simply enter into their own Creative Hub then jump into the map.

There is an ample amount of maps, and you are able to find courses for all sorts of game modes- whether it’s search and destroy, prop hunt, edit course, or whatever we are concerned with in 1V1 maps.

Best Fortnite 1V1 maps

Trying out 1V1 maps is a good way to prove who is the better Fortnite player among your friends, as well as an efficient way to improve your gameplay, as the decisions you make in these matches is going to translate to in-game scenarios.

Below are some of the best 1V1 maps we recommend you check out!

Portal 1V1

  • Code: 0645-0478-4359

Kicking off our list is one of the best-looking 1V1 maps we could find right now. Featuring a beautiful color pallet, along with all the weapons you could need in a 1V1, it’s hard to find a better map than this one.


Epic Games
BHE 1V1 map has been used by professional players for months now
  • Code: 8064-7152-2934

The BHE 1V1 map has become a staple for many competitive players in recent months. It offers one of the best formations for a 1V1 map, and it’s no wonder why players have flocked to this map lately: it was even featured within the Creative Hub matchmaking system for a nice while, so you’ve  probably seen it in-game.

Finest’s Realistic 1v1’s

realistic solos
Epic Games
Realistic Solos is a good practice for in-game situations
  • Code: 7950-6306-4857

Instead of lining up against each other with the same weapons, Realistic Solos differs, as it will spawn you in with different weapons based on the scenario you have chosen. While you can all have the same weapon, it is vastly better practice to use randomized loot, as it will replicate the fights you encounter during an actual Fortnite match.

Raider’s 1V1 Aim Duel

1v1 aim duel map
Epic Games
Hone your aim with Raider’s amazing map!
  • Code: 8595-7789-7339

This map is one of Raider’s best creations, as you get the practice of 1V1’ing someone, but at the same time, you’re always mastering your aim. The first player to eliminate the other wins, and you are able to choose how much health you have.

Clix Box Fight’s

  • Code: 7620-0771-9529

Last but not least, if you are looking to practice box fights, then Clix’s Box Fight map creative by Pandvii is where you are going to want to head. This map was a staple of the Creative matchmaking for months on end, and there is a reason why. It’s simply an amazing map where players can practice their close-range engagements with ease.

Creative is always giving us wonderful new maps to check out every day, and we are bound to see some stellar ones pop up anytime soon – ones we can’t wait to check out!

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