Benjyfishy laughs off Fortnite cheating accusations in FNCS event

Fortnite gameplay / FNCS logo / Benjyfishy thumbs up at Fortnite World CupEpic Games

Benjamin ‘benjyfishy’ Fish was accused of cheating in a recent round of Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) action, leading the mega-popular player to breakdown the latest scandal mid-stream.

One of the most popular names in the competitive Fortnite space, benjyfishy has built a reputation on the back of incredible performances. Not only that, but he’s become one of the most prominent Fortnite streamers due to his positive attitude and often hilarious plays. Due to this popularity, cheating accusations are bound to come through every now and then.

Given just how difficult it can be to detect cheaters in competition – something Benjy himself has openly admitted – those at the top of the scene are likely to be accused for the most subtle things imaginable.

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Whether it’s slightly suspicious aim, or teaming up with other players in solo competition. Plenty of pros have been banned over the years as a result of these accusations.

Benjyfishy found himself unable to avoid accusations following the latest round of FNCS competition from August 1-2. His tweets were flooded by the same video day in and day out, forcing the 16-year-old NRG player to respond on-stream.

The accusation claims that benjyfishy was secretly working alongside a player named ‘bengraal’ all along. As benjyfishy was weakened in a 1v1, he backed off for a brief moment. In this short stretch of time, bengraal made his way over and immediately started fighting the other opponent, not benjy.

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While some viewers thought this was suspicious, the British pro reassured that he absolutely wasn’t teaming. “I heard this guy, so what I did…I crouched so he couldn’t hear me,” he explained. 

As the third party entered the gunfight, benjyfishy remained silent. “He doesn’t know I’m in there. Why would he not just [walk towards] the player out there that he can see?”

The other players continued firing away at one another while benjyfishy quietly escaped out the back. He used a Crash Pad to soar away and leave that battle in the rear-view mirror. As a result, his opposition claimed he “should be noticed” and ‘exposed’ him for teaming with bengraal. Naturally, benjyfishy couldn’t keep himself from laughing when hearing these claims on-stream.

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Fortnite duo gameplayEpic Games
Benjyfishy was accused of working with another player in the midst of solo competition.

“I guess I’m teaming with bengraal,” he joked. “I can’t be a**ed man, how can he think I’m f**king teaming?”

Benjyfishy finished in first place during the FNCS Week 2 finals, netting a cool $5,000 for his efforts. Having qualified for the Chapter 2 Season 3 Grand Finals, he’ll now be hard at work preparing for the ultimate showdown on August 16.