Benjyfishy kills Fortnite pros Mongraal, mitr0 & crr with hilarious reaction

FaZe Clan / Twitter: benjyfishy

Pro Fortnite player Benjy ‘Benjyfishy’ Fish eliminated fellow pros Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson, Dmitri ‘Mitr0’ Van de Vrie and Chris ‘crr’ Williams within moments of each other in the same game – all while in a call with them.

Benjyfishy is one of the most successful Fortnite players currently, consistently ranking among the very best in online tournaments, alongside longterm duo Mongraal and his other two victims in this brilliant clip.

While playing solo Arena matches, Benjy is just treating it like any other game, but soon realizes in the most hilarious fashion that this lobby may have been a little more stacked than others – but it’s no problem for him.

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Twitter: mongraal
Mongraal and Benjy have become very close friends as well as teammates through Fortnite.

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Running around Slurpy Swamp, Benjy hears some commotion nearby to check it out and stumbles upon a couple of players obviously trying to get the better of each other. After taking out one, he swiftly eliminates the second and immediately realizes it’s Mitr0 – cracking up at the Dutch player’s misfortune.

Hardly 15 seconds later he takes out another player, immediately shouting “oh my god” as he sees crr’s name pop up on his screen.

If Benjy didn’t find this hilarious enough, 25 seconds later another player pushes him and he knocks him out with two hits of the tac shotgun – and nearly screams when the words “Eliminated FaZe Mongraal” popped up on his screen.

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(Timestamp 1:55 for mobile viewers)

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Benjy struggles to even get words out between laughter and his cries of “oh my god” and “no,” before finally finding the breath to say “Yes, I’ve just killed Mongraal, mitr0 and crr in the same game!”

Benjy went on to get a 22-kill Victory Royale in the game, no doubt feeling much more confident after taking down three of Europe’s top talents in quick succession.

Although Arena matches aren’t the peak of competitive Fortnite, Benjy will certainly be holding this over their heads for a very long time.