Asmongold loses it on stream after trying to play Fortnite: “I suck”

Lauren Bergin
twitch streamer asmongold on fortnite zero build backgroundTwitch: Asmongold, Epic Games

While he’s best known for his MMORPG streams, Twitch sensation Asmongold took to Fortnite’s ever-changing universe to try out Zero Build Mode – but it didn’t end very well.

When you think of Asmongold your mind likely conjures up images of World of Warcraft or Lost Ark; not Epic Games’ classic battle royale, Fortnite.

As streaming behemoths like Dr Disrespect and Tfue flock back to Fortnite title to try out the revolutionary Zero Build Mode, Asmon has found himself back in Epic’s BR and looking to pop some heads.

Practice, however, makes perfect, and considering the Texan has barely touched the game, the odds were unfortunately not in his favor.

fortnite zero build battle royale mode poster four characters stand together looking at cameraEpic Games
For better or worse, Fortnite’s Zero Build Mode is here to stay.

Asmongold rages during Fortnite Zero Build stream

Renowned for his cool and collected approach to slaying raid bosses or tearing apart swathes of enemies in dungeons, the FPS world is a very different place from Azeroth and Arkesia.

Dropping into the hot zone of Tilted Towers, he attracts the attention of a player with a particularly nasty shotgun. “F**k he’s got a shotgun,” he exclaims, retreating into the back of the building. Met with a dead end, the player quickly corners him and, well, you can work out how it ends.

Placing 63rd, he grabs a stick from his desk (why is it there? Nobody knows) and proceeds to pummel an unfortunate object off camera. Said victim explodes, sending its contents flying into the air and onto the floor. “Damn it!”

Following the stream up with a tweet that simply reads “I suck at Fortnite lol,” other influencers offered to train him in the ways of Zero Build mode.

“Let’s team together for Ludwig’s tourney,” offers 100 Thieves co-owner and streaming sensation, Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, while Hasan ‘hasanabi’ Piker writes “me too king; keep your head up.”

Will we see Asmon make an appearance at one of Ludwig’s tourneys? Or has his Zero Build experience cut his Fortnite adventure short? Either way, we really would rather someone confiscate that stick…