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Ariana Grande Fortnite skin leak trolls everyone on April Fool’s Day

Published: 2/Apr/2021 4:01

by Brad Norton


Is Ariana Grande getting her own skin in Fortnite? Not right now, although you could be forgiven for thinking so after prominent Fortnite leakers banded together to troll everyone with a new Icon Series ‘reveal’ on April Fool’s Day.

The internet is not a safe space when it comes time for April Fool’s Day. From developers to pro players, everyone in the gaming industry seemingly loves to bamboozle fans around the world.

The Fortnite community is no different. While Epic added an amusing cosmetic for the occasion, their April Fool’s gag paled in comparison to what spread later in the day.


Instead of just one Fortnite leaker playing a prank on the community, most of the popular insiders decided to join forces for one ultimate troll.

At the exact same time – right on the dot at 2:55 PM PT on April 1 – the biggest leakers all shared the same thing. A unique Ariana Grande skin was revealed across the board, with multiple variants convincing players it was real.

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Twitter: HYPEX
HYPEX has since removed this April Fool’s joke, though not before it caught the eyes of thousands around the world.

“New Ariana Grande Set decrypted,” HYPEX tweeted alongside some original pictures.

The format resembled that of any other leak you’d come to expect from the popular account. With each new update comes a handful of cosmetics that slip through the cracks. This fake bundle fell in line with what fans have come to expect over the years.


One variant of the skin had the “ponytail popstar” in a pink outfit while the other had a purple visual instead. The ‘leaks’ outlined how Grande’s very own Fortnite skin was set to be part of the Icon Series set. Not only that, but it would be introduced properly in Chapter 2 Season 6.

Historically, the Icon Series has dropped popular content creators into the game, rather than mainstream celebrities. If Grande was to receive her own skin, she’d be the first to buck that trend in the Icon Series.

Outside of the skin itself, the April Fool’s gag was made to look even more realistic thanks to some accompanying items. Each variant of the skin came with its own ‘Dangerous Bunny’ Back Bling, only adding to the confusion.


While the coordinated joke fooled players at first, it didn’t take long for players to check the calendar. Nothing announced on April 1 can be taken at face value, not even Fortnite leaks.

For Grande fans, the popular celeb isn’t making the jump into Fortnite just yet. Though perhaps with enough fanfare, we might just see the pop singer in-game one day soon.