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Arhkram’s team wins Fortnite Ninja Battles Week 4: final placements

Published: 22/Sep/2020 2:36 Updated: 22/Sep/2020 2:55

by Brad Norton


The fourth week in Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ Fortnite competition has just come to a close and we’ve got you covered with everything needed to catch up on the action.

$80,000 USD is on the line with each installment in Ninja’s huge Fortnite tournament. There are six individual weeks of competition all up. However, the latter half has been delayed significantly as the first event kicked off back in May.


With action finally resuming and online play taking center stage yet again, week four was one of the most stacked weeks yet. 20 trios dropped into the battle royale on September 21 but only 12 walked away with money in their pockets.

If you missed out on the event, fear not. We’ve got you covered with a full rundown on the results to get you up to speed.

Fortnite Ninja Battles
Epic Games
There are now just two weeks remaining in the Ninja Battles tournament.

The single-day tournament was extremely competitive from the first lobby. All of the biggest names were present this time around as some of the most popular Fortnite players took to the field. 

Clix, Bizzle, Nate Hill, Bugha, benjyfishy, and MrSavage are just a few of the many names that filled out the star-studded lineup this week. Every trio was stacked with recognizable personalities from various organizations.

Perhaps the biggest talking point this week is that Ninja allowed ZexRow back into his competition. The TSM player was banned for an earlier outburst though soon apologized for his actions. He was able to come back to a Top 10 finish this time around.


Keeping with tradition in the Ninja Battles event, a completely new trio took home the first place prize this week. It was Avery, skqttles, and Arkhram that found themselves in the top spot after the final lobby, securing $25,000 for their efforts. Below is a full breakdown of how the 20 teams placed overall.

Ninja Battles Week 4 – Final Placements

Placement Team Prize (USD)
 1st  Avery, Arkhram, skqttles  $25,000
 2nd  Commandment, Cented, Edgey  $15,000
 3rd  Buckle, Kreo, Stretch  $10,000
 4th  Eclipsae, illest, Furious  $8,000
 5th Reverse2k, Deyy, Mero  $5,000
 6th Zyfa, nosh, Clix  $5,000
 7th Megga, Bizzle, Dubs  $3,000
8th Scoped, Ceice, blackeps  $3,000
 9th Jayth, Crunchy, who  $2,000
10th MackWood, young calculator, ZexRow $2,000
11th Unkown, Zayt, Saf $1,000
12th Coop, Ajerss, HazThaGreat $1,000
13th Av, RogueShark, Knight
14th Nate Hill, Funk, Tragix
15th Aspect, npen, Xoonies
16th Nick Eh 30, Punisher, Replays
17th Bugha, Chap, Jamper
18th EmadGG, Slackes, Acorn
19th MrSavage, LetsHe, benjyfishy
20th JaredFPS, Tilt, Thiefs

While a new winner was crowned, many teams appeared at the top of the pack for a second or third time. With just two events remaining, it could be anyone’s time to take the crown in Week 5 and Week 6. The final competitions currently don’t have a date, but we’ll be sure to update you as soon as they’re locked in.


HenryG explains Cloud9’s CSGO player salaries after $400k floppy deal

Published: 7/Oct/2020 19:11

by Calum Patterson


Cloud9 have now confirmed that Ricky ‘floppy’ Kemery is the fourth player of their self-proclaimed CS:GO “colossus” roster, in a deal worth over $400,000, bringing their total to around $4 million in player contracts, with another two players still to go.

Floppy joined Cloud9 from ATK in January, and is now transitioning to the new ‘colossus’ roster alongside ALEX, mezii, and woxic.


The colossus began with the signing of ALEX from Vitality, whose deal is worth $1.65 million. He was joined by fellow brit Mezii on a $426,000 deal. Then, woxic was added from mousesports, in another deal surpassing the $1m mark, at $1,365,000.

This latest deal for floppy takes the total value of this 4-man squad to $3.87 million, and with two players to go (GM Henry  ‘HenryG’ Greer has plans for a six-player roster), is set to surpass the $4 million mark.


Since HenryG’s move from casting into a management role at C9, he has aimed to shake-up the traditionally opaque nature of esports transfer dealings.

In each of the four signings, Greer has confirmed the length of the player’s contract, and it’s total value over that period. All four players announced so far have been signed to three-year deals.

After the floppy announcement, Greer clarified on Twitter that despite the lower total value of deals for floppy and Mezii (compared to ALEX and woxic), each player’s deal is negotiated on an individual basis.


“Ricky has received a pay increase from his previous contract and that will be reviewed each year of his stay,” he concludes.

Presumably, salaries could increase based on performance metrics or other value added to the brand by the player, or as thanks for loyalty to the team.

After he was confirmed as the GM of Cloud9, Greer told Dexerto: “My plans for this team are certainly ambitious. I wouldn’t be involved in any sort of General Manager role unless I had absolute full control of the roster and direction we plan to head.

HenryG casting CS:GO at DreamHack event
HenryG is now at the helm of Cloud9’s CS:GO venture.

“C9 have entrusted me with their entire CS:GO dynasty and, honestly, I think that’s one of the boldest moves any org has made in a long time.”

HenryG and Cloud9’s new approach to player deals could very well set off a new trend in CS:GO and esports generally, though for now, they remain on solitary ground.