Amusing Fortnite Season 2 glitch makes propane tanks your worst enemy - Dexerto

Amusing Fortnite Season 2 glitch makes propane tanks your worst enemy

Published: 24/Feb/2020 4:46

by Brad Norton


The Fortnite community is up in arms over a game-breaking Season 2 glitch that makes propane tanks the most frustrating items in the game.

While Fortnite’s highly anticipated Season 2 update introduced an assortment of fresh content – from enormous map changes to new cosmetics and even a Deadpool skin – not everyone is pleased with the latest overhaul.

A number of game-breaking issues have been hindering the experience for players around the world and even some of the biggest names on Twitch have explained how the new content drop ‘ruined’ Fortnite. The hits continue to come, as a newly discovered glitch has made propane tanks one of the most frustrating additions in Fortnite history.


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The Rig is a new area towards the south-west side of the map in Season 2. While the area itself is totally unique in that it is isolated from nearby land and mostly features high-ground vantage points, it also comes boasting an entirely new item.

Destructive propane tanks are scattered throughout the region and players are able to deal a huge chunk of damage to any competitors that might walk in close proximity to them.

Moreover, propane tanks can be picked up and repositioned. However, moving the explosives too far is what leads to the latest game-breaking bug in Fortnite.


There’s a bug that doesn’t allow you to bring the propane tanks past a certain point by The Rig, and it does something odd. I made a small video about how it happens. Enjoy! from FortNiteBR

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Picking a tank up and taking it just outside of The Rig, Reddit user ‘BroBroBrayBray’ showcased how the latest bug can affect moment to moment gameplay.

Rather than simply dropping the explosive in a new area, the propane tank actually stuck to his right arm and remained there no matter what he tried to do in order to shake it off.

“The bad effect is that it blocks your vision, and aiming down sights is literally unplayable,” they explained alongside footage of the frustrating glitch in action.

Almost half of the screen is obscured while aiming down the sights with any given weapon and the item becomes unusable from this point on.


Epic Games
Season 2 introduced a number of changes to key areas on the map.

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Amusingly enough, the glitch extends to emotes as well, leading to awkward animations as character models are shown dancing with a tank of propane glued to their arm.

There’s no telling what exactly causes the issue, but if you’re trying to take a propane tank away from The Rig, be aware of the fact that it might ruin the rest of your match.