Amazing clip shows how you can hijack enemy X-4 Stormwing planes in Fortnite using the Grappler

by David Purcell


A viral game clip shows that even if you're high in the sky on Fortnite Battle Royale, you might not be safe if players have Grapplers on the ground


In a remarkable clip, u/defraged abandons his own X-4 Stormwing fighter jet to get back on the ground as the gamer is being chased down by another aircraft. 

Then, after taking a look back at the opponent who was on their tail, defraged launched a Grappler shot towards the plane, latched onto the tail-end of the green vehicle and destroyed his enemy with the purple Heavy Shotgun. 

After the shocking maneuver, the player uploaded the clip for the Fortnite community on Reddit to enjoy. Check it out: 

So uh.. I just grappled a plane. from r/FortNiteBR


The X-4 Stormwing fighter jet was introduced as part of the Season 7 patch, which went live on December 7. 

It is still a new feature, as well as ziplines, and people are still trying to figure out their weaknesses and strengths. However, as we've seen from this clip, with the right aim you can grapple onto them, as they do fly fairly slowly.  

The slow speed of the X-4s allows for some awesome dogfights as well, with many players having already posted some of their clips online.


Another way of combatting or exiting the line of fire from the new fighter jets is to use balloons, which have been an available item in Fortnite since patch 6.21. 

In the past, players were unable to aim, fire or use items while hovering with balloons. However, the new patch does allow you to do that making them a more useful tool to keep ahold of.