All wind tunnel locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Player flying in a Wind Tunnel in FortniteEpic Games

Wind tunnels have emerged as a popular mode of transportation in Fortnite, and you’ll need to use them to complete a weekly quest – so here are all of the current wind tunnel locations.

There are a variety of vehicles and items at your disposal on the Fortnite island that may be used to get you anywhere you need to go. Natural ways of transportation on the island, such as swimming or floating over wind tunnels, are often overlooked.

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Fortnite introduced wind tunnels in Chapter 4 Season 1. Players are able to use the tunnels to protect themselves from fall damage or to quickly cover large distances inside a given area. An approaching wind current in a tunnel is indicated by the red and white funnel flag.

Despite their lack of appeal, wind tunnels are occasionally required to complete quests in Fortnite, so we’ve compiled a list of the best places to discover them in Chapter 4 Season 2.

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Wind Tunnel Entry in Ice CaveEpic Games

Where to find wind tunnels in Fortnite

There are a lot of wind tunnels in and around Brutal Bastion and Frenzy Fields, making them two of the most convenient places to look for them in Fortnite.

Keep an eye out for a red and white flag in the shape of a funnel, which indicates a wind tunnel is nearby.

Wind tunnel locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

You can see all the wind tunnel locations on the Chapter 4 Season 2 Fortnite map below:

Wind Tunnel Locations on Fortnite mapFortnite.GG

The map above shows the locations of all the wind tunnels in a Battle Royale match. The circles above specify the areas you can easily find the wind tunnels to complete your weekly quest in the game.

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When you reach a wind tunnel, hit the forward button to jump into the air current and glide to the finish. As you leave the wind tunnel, your glider will deploy automatically to help you land securely.

You may enter the tunnel again from its beginning and continue doing so until the required distance in the quest is reached. To determine in which direction you will be gliding in the wind tunnel, observe the direction in which the red and white flag is moving.

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