All known jigsaw locations for the “Search Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces in Basements” Fortnite challenge

Ross Deason

One of the more obscure challenges for Week 10 of Season 5 in Fortnite Battle Royale is to “search jigsaw puzzle pieces in basements” – here’s how to complete it.

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You need to find a total of seven jigsaw puzzle pieces and interact with them to complete the puzzle, and that actually isn’t as difficult as it may sound.

Thanks to the description stating that the jigsaw pieces can be found in basements, and the fact that you hear a rattling noise every time you are near one, narrowing down the search couldn’t be easier.

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Check out our map below to see all of the jigsaw locations that we have found so far. We would advise landing at Snobby Shores and working your way in a southeasterly direction in your first game as you should be able to make a good dent in the challenge!

Of course, there could be more jigsaw locations but the map should provide more than enough for you to complete the challenge with ease.

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September 13, and the release of the Week 10 challenges, marked the beginning of the final week in Season 5. This means that time is running out if you still want to unlock all of the cosmetics and items associated with the Battle Pass.

On the plus side, Season 6 should begin within a few days of Season 5 ending and that means a whole host of new content!