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All holiday tree locations for Fortnite Winterfest challenges

Published: 23/Dec/2019 14:39 Updated: 23/Dec/2019 14:52

by David Purcell


Epic Games have revealed their latest Winterfest challenge for Fortnite Chapter 2, requiring players to track down holiday trees all across the map. 

The Day 6 challenge, which is called ‘Dance at Holiday Trees in Different Named Locations’, was released on December 23. Expect to see a number of people roaming around named locations to find trees when you next jump from the Battle Bus.

While the process of searching for anything specific in Fortnite can tend to take up quite a bit of time, we’ve put together a quick and easy map that should allow you to complete the festive mission with ease.


Epic GamesYou will be able to find Christmas presents underneath the holiday trees, too.
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Just like previous seasons, the game’s developers have dotted a number of Christmas trees around the map, complete with presents underneath them – which usually include some rare weapons and items.

Therefore, even after you have completed this challenge, knowing where they can be found might be quite useful for the rest of the holiday season anyway. After all, everybody on the map will be looking for the best loot. You could find something special wrapped up.

Where to find holiday trees for Fortnite Winterfest Day 6 challenge

You will have to dance near five trees to complete the challenge and remember, they must be at named locations. Those that can be found too far away from named locations won’t count towards your tally.


Graphics: Epic GamesHere’s all eight holiday tree locations that will count towards this Winterfest challenge.
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As the map shows, holiday trees can be found at Holly Hedges, Lazy Lake, Misty Meadows, Pleasant Park, Retail Row, Salty Springs, Slurpy Swamp, and Sweaty Sands – meaning that there are eight to choose from. But, again, you will only need to dance near five of them.

To dance, simply choose one of your emotes in-game and start bopping next to the trees. If you would like to check out the full leaked list of Winterfest challenges, check out our complete guide here.

You can track your progress for the challenge at the end of each game, too. Using the challenge menu, just head over to the Winterfest section. Good luck!