All Fortnite Season X ‘Missions’ challenges leaked in-game

Daniel Cleary
Epic Games

The names of all the upcoming mission challenges for Fortnite season always brings along a wave of new challenges for players to tackle over the next few months.

However, going into this season players will have an idea of what’s in store for many of the upcoming challenges after a glitch revealed the names of each of the missions for Season X.

EPIC GAMESThe release of Fortnite’s Season X also saw the addition of the controversial BRUTE mech suits.
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The list of future challenges was uncovered by Reddit user, DaelSonic, who claimed a glitch in his game allowed him to preview each of the names.

Although it is not easy to make out of all the names from the image shared, DaelSonic also released a list of each of the mission titles for Fortnite’s Season X which can be found below.

Fortnite Season 10 Missions

1. Worlds Collide

2. BlockBuster

3. A Helping Hand

4. Knights Of Honor

5. Hotdrop/Smash & Grab

6. Boogie Down

7. Space Race

DaelSonic / RedditImage of all Fortnite Season X challenges revealed.
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Many fans are already coming up with some of their own theories on what the challenges could entail, such as user, ImMonky09, who took a guess at what could be in store from most of the mission names.

He predicted challenges such as “Boogie Down” would be an emote related challenge similar to those that we have seen in the past, as well possibly having to visit Rift zones or even some new locations that may appear in-game during the season for the “Worlds Collide” challenge.

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Another Reddit user looked at the challenge names from a different approach, wondering if they could be hinting towards the return of some old locations throughout the next season, “BlockBuster – Could this be the return of Risky Reels?”

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The idea of old locations returning is definitely one that could be likely as another popular location which was seen in the early stages of Fortnite, Dusty Depot, also made its return in-game.

Many are also expecting the BRUTE mech suits, which have sparked massive backlash from the Fortnite community, to play a part in some of the challenges that during Season X.

The full details of all of the leaked challenges will be rolled out throughout the rest of the new season when they are made available to be completed in-game.